Power amplifier A4022/А402

Power amplifier A4022/А402

Performance specification


Power output, kVA 4.0
Rated output voltage, RMS, V 110
Continuous output current, RMS, A 42
Output current, peak, A 100
Rated input voltage, RMS, V 3
Maximal input voltage, V 10
Nominal input impedance, kOm 100
Nominal frequency range, Hz от 0 до 10000
Signal to noise ratio, not worse than, dB 65
Total harmonic distortion when measured into resistive load 5 Om in frequency range from 20 to 5000 Hz, no more than
at rated output power 0.6
at output power equal to 10% from rated 0.6
Voltage, V 220
Field supply current, A 12
Admissible time of continuous running, not less than, hour 8
Maximal power consumption, no more than, kVA 10
Overall dimensions, no more, mm 530×680×780
Mass, kg, no more than 155

Integral protection

Power amplifier



Guarantee – 12 months


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